Personal Assistant in Johannesburg, South Africa

Our client is seeking a dedicated Private Personal Assistant to provide comprehensive support in managing her home and daily activities. This role is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and offers an opportunity to work closely with the client to ensure smooth household operations and effective communication. The ideal candidate should possess excellent organizational skills, be detail-oriented, and have prior experience in personal assistance roles.

Tasks and responsibilities of the position
Coordinate with various service providers and contractors to oversee home-related tasks and maintenance.
Maintain the seamless functioning of the client’s residence, ensuring all needs are met.
Engage with companies to gather quotes and information as required by the client.
Conduct research on various topics to assist the client’s decision-making process.
Manage personal appointments and handle all forms of correspondence.
Provide appointment reminders to the client.
Plan and coordinate tasks and activities efficiently.
Execute personal errands on behalf of the client.
Handle administrative tasks and correspondence as needed.
Supervise household staff, including scheduling and coordination.
Manage the client’s travel arrangements, including itinerary planning, reservations, and packing.
Assist with basic bookkeeping and manage household bills.
Ad hoc personal errands as they arise.
Facilitate child-related tasks, such as picking up and taking the child to school or clubs.
Provide care for the client’s pets and potentially house and child-sit during the client’s travels.
Manage grocery shopping to ensure the house is well-stocked.

Profile of the candidate sought
Valid driver’s license.
Comfortable with children and pets (2 small dogs).
Proficiency in spoken English.
Strong organizational skills and ability to manage tasks effectively.
Reliability and diligence in completing responsibilities.
Attention to detail and commitment to high-quality work.
Immaculate Presentation.
Honesty, with a Good Sense of Humor.
First-Class Organizational Skills.
Advanced Proficiency with IT Packages and Technology.
Proficiency in Social Media Platforms.
Friendly and Approachable.
Excellent Multitasking Abilities, with the Capacity to Remain Calm Under Pressure.
Positive Attitude with a Flexible ‘Can-Do’ Approach.
Previous Experience in Administrative Roles.
Superior Time Management and Organizational Skills.
Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills.
Diplomacy and Tact in Interactions.
Commitment to Discretion and Confidentiality.
Willingness to Receive and Implement Constructive Feedback.
Self-Starter with a Proactive Attitude.
Effective Deadline Management and Calmness Under Pressure.
Ability to Provide Direction to Others.
Strong Follow-Up Skills.
Proficiency in Navigating the Internet.

Conditions of employment
Part-time permanent position.
Initial schedule: Monday to Friday, 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM, with potential flexibility and future adjustments to full days.
Some weekend work may be required.
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa.

Contract type
Permanent Part-time.

Depends on the Experience.

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